Welcome to Kosmo
Thank you for choosing Kosmo: The Free GIS Corporative Platform

The Kosmo project
is the first Free GIS Corporative Platform, distributed under the GNU/GPL.

This project incorporates and does an intensive use of all the tools needed to satisfy the most of the users needs, so it implements:
  • Kosmo Server: Raster and vectorial cartography server
  • Kosmo Desktop: desktop GIS with powerful query, edition and analysis tools
  • Kosmo Web Client: cartographic browser for connection with services based on OGC standards
  • Kosmo Mobile: GIS software for mobile devices
Kosmo design and architecture is focused on management and analysis of territorial information through Spatial Data Bases, so providing it with corporative nature.

The project is in full development and with the first of its components -Kosmo Desktop- in continuous evolution and available for whom requires advanced functionality in an powerful desktop GIS.

It is worth to point that Kosmo is deployed in a vast number of productive systems with high requirements of both stability and functionality.

Why is it called Kosmo?

Kosmo means: world, the collection of the whole created things. The name in esperanto, "Kosmo", is very similar to the word in other languages:

German: KosmosMundo
Danish: Kosmos
Spanish: Cosmos
French: Cosmos
English: Cosmos
Italian: Cosmo
Latin: Cosmos
Norwegian: Cosmos
Portuguese: Cosmo
Russian: Kocmoc